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« on: July 03, 2018, 06:17:22 AM »
Where do yíall work? Hereís a rundown of my four jobs Iíve had:

Waiter (so damn fun)
And Graphic Deisgner for a local wrestling Indy promotion. Hereís how I got fired from the first three:

So at Apple, the first few weeks it was fun as shit then got boring. In fact they gave me a free phone, but I took the computer that we usually like type in the files in and all that and started watching porn. My manager walked out and I exited out as fast as possible. Unfortunately I got caught doing that, as one day about a week later the store was dead, and I didnít know the volume was up on one of the phones, but anyway I took it and went to watch porn and the whole store heard it.

To get fired from McDonalds I just stole. Obviously I wasnít trying to get fired but itís fun doing stuff Iím not supposed to. Anyway, I was cooking one day and when I went to hand out the tray to someone, I intentionally dropped it (However I claimed to it being unintentional) and then my manager yelled at me. But thatís not how it happened. Strike 2 was when i leaned over the counter and laughed, then acted like I was surfing. The whole damn store was laughing that time. Strike 3 was it tho and it was just before I was gonna get off shift and go home, I grabbed a box of fire and ran off. Not only did I get fired but Iím also banned from there now.

And finally, my most fun job Iíve ever had, a fucking waiter. I got fired on strike 1 unfortunately, but it was when I put the food down, and then about a minute later sat down and started eating with the people.

I am very well more behaved at the job I have now, because the people at the company are very lenient. They donít need something spectacular, but it has to be decent. Iíve only made like 2 things for them, but im living out my passion so I figured Iíll let it stay for a bit.

So whatís all yíall jobs? Iím curious!


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Re: Work
« Reply #1 on: July 26, 2018, 03:53:31 AM »
Now the sad part is, all of this actually did happen.

However, I was looking through some topics as I am bored at the moment and I found this one kind of interesting. Graphic Design has always been my side  hobby, since I was little, and since my dad was a designer. When I was twelve or thirteen I would make match cards and ask my dad how they were, and he would always say they were good even if they were trash. Onto the work topic, however, as the graphic designing is something to talk about another day. I have had a total of 3 jobs, including the one I'm in now. The first job I've ever had is a cashier at a local grocery store, back when I was about 18 for about three months. Now before that I had a stint as a babysitter. I wouldn't really call it a job, as it doesn't seem like a job, and I didn't get paid as much as I would at a real job, so that's why I didn't include it. But after a few months I got bored with it, and also I got a cool job as a local wrestler at nearby little stadiums like highschool gyms and stuff like that. I was booked as a jobber for my first two years, which I was okay with since the pay was worth it. Then, for about two months I won a championship for an independent wrestling that isn't aired, then lost it as I was on my out of the door since they had nothing left for me. Ever since then, I work as a mail carrier. It's in a town over, and the hours are very early in the morning so I have to go to sleep earlier than usual. My favorite out of the three had to be as a wrestler, even though no one knew me and I was a jobber for most of it, I was still living out my passion.
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Re: Work
« Reply #2 on: August 19, 2018, 06:50:49 PM »
I'm an English teacher and that's all I have ever been doing.