Author Topic: Women’s Revolution — Just Hear Me Out  (Read 896 times)

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Women’s Revolution — Just Hear Me Out
« on: July 03, 2018, 01:29:00 AM »
I know people may hate me for this but I feel this is a good spot to voice my opinion on the women’s revolution in and out of WWE. This is not to be taken offensively.

Why is it women that aren’t equal to men? Please explain that to me. If a women calls another women pretty, it’s completely fine. However, if I man calls another man hot, he’s considered gay. And it’s fine for girls to like doing guy things, hence tomboys, however once again, if a man likes doing woman things, it’s considered gay. In my opinion, girls are not unequal to men, they are equal. Which is why in WWE, I don’t understand why the women wrestlers are getting so many special privileges, for instance Royal Rumbles, Money In The Bank Matches, and Women’s Battle Royals are WrestleMania. I also don’t know why people feel so much sympathy for women, when they have stuff they can do that we do we are considered gay and when they fail to do things they’re told that’s okay, try again but when guys fail to do things, we are laughed at. From now on, I’m not supporting any revolution. No Women’s Revolution. Because in my eyes everyone’s equal so what’s the point of doing a Women’s Revolution? And don’t hate on me for voicing my opinion like everyone always does. Because that’s just proving my point. If you hate on me for this , however, it will be a guy getting hated on for voicing AN OPINION on women, but if women were to voice an opinion on men, they’d get “true” or “you’re right” and everything would be fine.