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Ara & Rhyse (tag team championship entry)
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Author Topic: [RESULTS] PixelMania 2018  (Read 872 times)

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[RESULTS] PixelMania 2018
« on: May 27, 2018, 08:52:22 PM »



SUBJECT: 3 New additions to the Cruiserweight roster
STIP: The WWE Cruiserweight roster has been on a downgrade since the leaving of Neville and Enzo Amore. However, WWE doesn't want to let the high-fly brand slowly die, and for that the company has been searching around the world for 3 of the best cruiserweights to be part of the cruiserweight division. The three cruiserweights can be anyone except for the currently signed superstars with WWE/NXT. Use slogans, taglines, the WWE 205 Logo (neccesary) and everything you would like to add to it.

Arselx: Norbi, cool entry, classic style, I like it all. Hoot I like your entry too, but that light is not that neccesary, at least with that brightness. I like the fonts and stuff but the light is the only thing that makes it look worse.

SkyHighRollins: Both nice entries but I'm going with Norbi. I think that overall its a more unique concept, with the polaroid and TV's in the background. I like the font of the text but it could've been more visible and Marty takes too much spotlight away from the other 2. But overall nice piece. Now Hoot, I really dig the vibrant colors and render placements. But the text totally threw me off. I think something else but the graffity font would've fit better. Norbi's entry stood out to me more due to the idea.

Ara: Hoot: Decent entry, I do like the colors. Font could be better. The blue font doesnít fit very well with that entry. I like the lightning, good piece.
Norbi: Wow, absolutely stunning piece youíve made there. Really good composition, nice colours and good effects. Thereís nothing I would complain. Stunning!
My vote goes to Norbi

Kohop Kapah: Great opening contest;
Norbi; a classic PDG grunge piece from the HOF, I love the CRT monitor effect, but not sure on the polaroid thing? I also feel like the other two people could have been featured more prominently.
Hoot; good piece, colours work well and placement of renders looks goodI like the ones at the bottom too. Not 100% on the font, but still a good piece overall.
Hoot gets my vote.

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SUBJECT: New NXT talent.
STIP: WWE Performance Center is full of talented wrestlers from all over the world. Check out NXT Brand wikipedia page and scroll down to the Performance Center. Take one name from male or female wrestlers and make a poster for their "Main" NXT Roster debut.
SIZE: Anything vertical

Arselx: I like your entry GP, but it's still lacks quality. The logo is blurred, the overall quality isn't the best, also the font could be involved in some better way. You have improvement though, keep up the work.
Kohop, I like your work, but there could still be some improvements. The font on the bottom is too far away from "babatunde" font. Maybe using some style to it would look nicer. Also another critique, you shouldn't use too much logos like you did in the bottom with the WWE and NXT logos, they're not neccesary.

SkyHighRollins:  Win goes to KK. I like it. The colors are nice. His name is too big though and too far on the edge. Making it a bit smaller would've made the piece more complete. Now GP, I do think you are getting better, it's a slow progress but atleast I don't see any pixels. Your piece lags in quality though, the logo looks blurry and his name is placed very random.

Norbi: Kohop Kapah won.

Ara: GP: First of all Ė Youíre improving, thatís noticable. Less pixelated stuff. Your Takeover logo is blurry, that could be better. But now to your entry Ė Composition is good Ė font could be better. The effects youíve applied there are better than usual. Keep improving, youíre on a good way.
Kohop: Nice one. Effects and render are chosen well. My only issue is the font and the upper part, that could be better. Decent colours and good effects, you get my vote here.

Kohop Kapah: Obviously canít cast a vote on this one, but thought iíd leave my comments for GP, overall good effort, good composition, but overall quality is lacking, and text is poor, either needs to be more prominent or just not there imo.

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SUBJECT: The Bullet Club invades WWE
STIP: Cody, The Young Bucks, Marty Scrull and Kenny Omega have came to WWE and they are assaulting everybody on the roster. After numerous superstars being irritated, they have asked Vince, Shane and Stephanie McMahon to have a 5vs5 Survivor Series match. The 5 members of the Bullet Club will take on 5 superstars from the WWE (two of them must be a tag team). Use slogans, Survivor Series logo (neccesary), taglines, dates and anything you need.
SIZE: Anything vertical

Arselx: Kego, poor effort, bad render choice, overall bad quality and meaningless textures. Put more time to your works, so you can improve. Havoc, I like the fonts and the renders, but you could've used more effects to blend the images with eachother. That's my only critique. Derp, I like the effects, but I'm pretty sure you got them from a psd (I have that effect too), I'm not blaming you, it's just you should try more by yourself. The font work is not looking good. Not a bad one, but could've been better. Kanzler, my vote, cool entry. I like the concept and fonts, nice grungy squares, good render choice. I like it all. TyNick98, dissapointed because you didn't post your entry even though you've been on almost everyday.

SkyHighRollins: This was a bit of a tough one between Havoc and Kanzler but I have to go with Kanzler. I dig the colors, the font and the placement of each wrestler in their little boxes. The only thing I don't like is the height of it, but otherwise decent work. Havoc, I love that you included the ROH "O" into the logo, very creative. I like the placement of the renders, but Young Bucks kinda ruin it with the bad quality. I think the piece misses a bit of some coloring effects to make it a bit more popping. Derp, I totally see what you were going for. I really like the dark vibe, the shadows on each render. What throws me off is the placement of the text. There's too much space between the top text and the renders. Make sure that everything is balanced out well. Kego, you've done better. I think the execution couldve been better as the quality overall doesn't look to great. I like the green, blue effects. The WWE and BC logos could've been placed better as they look too random.

Norbi: Kego's is getting better and better.You have some nice team choices and I like that raining effect but the entry is a bit too colorful.
Kanzler's entry looks really good.The colour screen looks well and the font choice is good too.You should have used a new render of Cody Rhodes.Overall a good and clear entry.
Havoc's entry is as good as expected.Simple and effective.WWE PPV style presentation.All blends together in the best way possible.The Young Bucks render looks a bit streched and you used the upper part of the background to fill the space between the two teams which looks okey.Havoc wins.
Derp Rollins's entry has a very interesting concept.That flying meteorites/raining effect is really common in all of your entry but I think DerpRollins used them in the best way.The font choice could be better and also the render of Cody Rhodes which could be a newer one.Overall the entry looks good but this time Havoc won the match.

Ara: Kego: Like I said to GP Ė youíve improved. No pixelated stuff. The rain effect and your chosen renders are good. The WWE and Bullet Club logo doesnít fit very good. There are too many different colours, the red and blue of the logo should have been made white or the green textures could have been red or blue. That would fit better in my opinion.
Derp: Decent one. Good use of renders and effects. Simple, yet effective. But Itís not vertical, like the stip said. I like your entry, the font is good. Maybe you could have added a shadow to it. The upper part is kind of empty, but thatís ok.
Havoc: Nice entry there. I like the composition of it. Background is well chosen and overall, itís nice. My issue which costs you the win is the fact, that both Jackson brothers are kind of disturbed. Other than that, itís usual stuff from you. Watch out next time and donít repeat that mistake.
Kanzler: Damn JosĎ. That piece reminds me of the good olĎ prettynation times. One simple, yet effective idea from you, nice blending on the renders and the font fits very well here. You took the win here.

Kohop Kapah: Kego; poor quality, poor execution, sorry man, its blurry and the weird neon lines, can still see sami Zaynís legs, its just poor.
Kanzler; I really like this, great composition, good colour scheme tooÖ The font choice is terrible though and lets the piece down unfortunately.
Tynick; No show - Shame
Havoc; Good composition, love love love the logo and incorporation ROH, the data and time and ĎLive oní are perfect, very professional, great choice of people for the WWE team, makes sense, only thing im not keen on is the backgroundÖ
Derp; composition is good, team choice is good, the overall piece is very empty though, the text is a little blurry too,

tough choice between kanzler and havoc for me, I think the little details in Havocís make up for the background IMO so he gets my vote, kanzlerís was good but the little details, why would you have marty in the middle and not omega? Also, thats an old render of cody, and the font isnít the bets, little things that just let it down.

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SUBJECT: Finn Balor vs Brock Lesnar at SumerSlam 2018
STIP: Brock Lesnar defeated once again Roman Reigns to retain the WWE Universal Championship. Finn Balor, after loosing at the MITB match, has asked Kurt Angle for a titleshot at the title he never lost. Brock assaulted Balor and accepted his challange. After a heated rivalery between both of them, Balor will introduce "The Demon" to Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. Showcase this match. Use slogans, taglines, dates and everything you think it's needed.

Arselx: SkyHighRollins, absolutely proffesional and awesome work, I like everything about it except for the copyright fonts in the bottom which I told you to replace  :cow. Nice manipulation, nice blending, overall awesome, you get my vote. Shahzaman, I like it, but it looks too heavy and you can't understand that well what's going on there. I like it though, don't get it twisted. Ara, I've seen better from you. I like the concept but there are still a few downgrades to it. The blending/manipulation isn't that good, especially with Balor, for example with the lighting, it doesn't look that good with that low oppacity. The fonts and stuff are still good but not enough to beat SkyHighRollins.

Ara: Skyhighrollins: Iím always impressed by your stuff. When I look on this piece, Iím happy. Itís simple, but itís still having a damn impact. Really nice use of effects, and the blending is nearly perfect. My only issue is that effect on Balors left eye, Itís a little bit irritating. But thatís just nutpicking. Excellent
Shahzaman: I was impressed on your other piece youíve made against me. Here, iím a little bit down. I mean, itís still good for sure. But on the second look, it seems to me that youíve mixed up some effects which still are good, but doesnít fit well in the end. Fontwork could been made better, since youíve barely able to read what it says. Blending and effects are good. Decent thing.
Wonít say anything to my piece Ė but it was fun competing against both of you.

Norbi: Shahzaman's entry has a lot going on.Lot's of fonts,some really interesting background.I think you have to work on it and it will be better.
What can I say here.It's kinda hard to decide between Ara and SkyHighRollins.They have similar entry's.Both of them ave a very good presentation of this match.The Beast vs The Demon,a good presentation of the underdog story.I gave the win for both of you or maybe make one entry from those two combined.I really want to give this win to Ara because I really want to see SkyHighRollins as the Heavyweight Champion.But I can't decide between those two so for me it's a draw.

Kohop Kapah: SkyHigh; Excellent piece as always, well blended and well worked, my only issues being the lack of taglines/slogan as the stip said and the universal title not being displayed - but thats just personal preference
Ara; a great piece, good composition, good blending, I like that youíve used and mentioned the universal title, not keen on the text though, unfortunately, also i think the additional lower opacity faces in the background are unneeded
Shahzaman; interesting composition, having baler above brock, good render choice though, some good effects used to blend the two together, but the text isnít great at all
Tough one to call, i think the text on Araís just lets it down for me, great match up though

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SUBJECT: The Rock is back
STIP: Roman Reigns defeated Brock Lesnar a while ago and became WWE Universal Champion... and he had heel turn. Imagine that... WM35 is in the corner and he don't have an opponent. He is so confident that he can beat anyone, that he made Universal Championship Open Challenge at WrestleMania 35... last RAW before Mania, his cousin, The Rock responded!
Make a poster promoting their fight. Must have WM35 logo, slogans, taglines and anything you think it's needed.
SIZE: Anything vertical

Arselx: Won't vote on this one, I will just give my opinion about Gherdez work. It's an absolute classic, I like the grunge/sharp effect and the font work is amazing (except the upper font). I would've prefered the universal title included, but still a cool work.

SkyHighRollins: I'm going with Arsel. Overall neat piece, clean and I really like the colors. I don't really have anything negative to say, except maybe it could've been a bit more dynamic or poping. Gherdez, It's okay. I think I know what you were going for. I do like how you made the text look like, its very bold. I think there's too much black space on the bottom and top and I'm not too font of the background you used.

Norbi: Arselx won.

Ara: Arsel: If you would have competed against somebody else, youíve may easily won this battle. Simple, yet effective entry here. Nice decent use of effects and the blending is good. Maybe a little extra text on the upper part could have made it even better. Good one.
Gherdez: VINTAGE G! Fontwork Ė brilliant Ė Render Ė good choice. Effects, blending  - very nice. Thereís no big issues with this piece. As mentioned Ė vintage G.
My vote goes to Gherdez

Kohop Kapah: Arselx; solid piece, good photomanip on the universal title, simple, basic, but good composition, background is a bit empty but looks good. No slogan/tagline though?
Gherdez; A classic PDG grudge Gherdez, looks good as always, you didnít use the WM logo though, background is good but strange,
Hard one to judge, but think iíve got to go with Arselx, making use of the universal title really clinched it for me

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SUBJECT: RAW Tag Team Championships
STIP: Bray Wyatt and Woken Matt Hardy became the RAW tag team champions at the GRR. After retaining and retaining, beating everybody on their way, a tag team from NXT (of your choice) have challanged the current champions in a match at WWE Great Balls of Fire. Advertise the match (you can add a stipulation if you like), use logos, slogans taglines and everything you think it's needed.
SIZE: Anything vertical

Arselx: Won't give a vote since I'm part of the match, so I'll just give my opinions. Rhyse and Ara, that was just cool, the nice sharp Rhyse style goes well with Ara's style. The font work is cool, so is the logo. The manipulation could've been a little bit better, but still an awesome entry. Kego and GP, poor quality. Too much fire texture use, also the render placement is not the best. The logos don't look good. You both are improving though, keep up. WorkLB, I like the bottom side of the work, also the idea on putting the war raiders into some planets fits perfectly with the whole idea. I just think it's too bright, that's my only critique. Also, the font could've been a little fancier.

SkyHighRollins: My winners are Ryhse and Ara. I'm seriously blown away by this. The colors work great, the textures give the mountain theme a nice vibe and you 2 made something completly different. Even if MM are in the front, I love how you used Hardy and Bray in the sky. Great team work, hope to see more of you guys. WorkLB, the bottom half works better for me than the top, that type of fire background is too much imo and I'm not a big fan of the text placement aswell, and I think War Raiders could've been made a bit more visible. HLR & Arsel, overall I dig the idea, with the War Raiders being placed like this, I just wish they'd be more visible more as the background between them takes in too much space. GP & Kego, I think it would've looked better if the texture on the piece would be gone. It takes away the contrast and gives it a bad quality aswell. Try to make it smaller next time.

Norbi: Tag Team match Ara and Rhyse won that but it's hard to decide between them, Arsel and HLR's piece and the champions entry.

Ara: Kego and GP: Guys, youíre getting better. Maybe you donít use so much fire next time. Font could have been bigger, BUT. Improvement is there!
Arsel and HLR: I like the layout and the fontwork. Good use of effects. That red blending on Wyatt and Hardy could have been improved, itís too strong in my opinion.
WorkLB: Nice one Ė Good use of effects, blending fits well. Itís a nice entry here. That lightning on hardy and wyatt is a little bit too bright in my opinion.

Kohop Kapah: WorkLB; Bottom half of the piece is great, the logo and the renders are great, but the top half with the fire and the war raiders and the text doesnít look great imo.
GP & Kego; War raiders being infront of the champions, strange choice, lots and lots of red, very grungy and the text at the top, unnecessary.
HLR & Areslex; War Raider hatrick?! this is IMO the best piece featuring the war raiders, I like the background and the way its been cut into the piece, the flaming meateors are a cool addition unfortunately the text at the bottom lets it down
R2 - beautiful piece, love the effects, ad the composition and the text, no complaints at all, and gets my vote.

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SUBJECT: Your favourite WWE Hardcore Championship match over the history
STIP: The WWE Hardcore Championship has had some memorable matches over the history. Choose your favourite match, and recreate a poster of the PPV where the match took place. The logo must be the one that was used that year, the stip, date and everything else should not be changed.

Arselx: HLR, I like the background, but the blending is not the best. Also the font near with the logo could be smaller to stay in the center of the logo. If you updated those, you could have a much bigger chance of winning. Lucas, a classic, awesome work, I don't think I have anything that I dislike about it.

SkyHighRollins: I loved both concepts but LB wins it for me. I love the vibrant colors. The barbwire and shattered glass arent too dominant but still easy to see, it looks very official to me, great work! HRL, I really like the background. The placement of the weapons work for me aswell. I do like Taker but the RVD render sorta doesnt fit in. Also the logo couldve been placed a bit more up. But overall nice piece.

Norbi: HLR you should have applied a color scheme or something to blend those renders with the background a bit more.It's a good work but you can make it better.
Lucas Black really good work.The style represents the era of the PPV in the best way.Everything blends together.Good use of fonts.Lucas Black won.

Ara: LB: Vintage LB Ė not very fancy, decent. Simple, yet effective. My only issue which may have let to my vote it the fact, that HLRs piece is more Ąhardcore-relatedď Ė his piece looks more like hardcore to me.
HLR: Decent one. I like the color scheme and the fact, that youíve put some more hardcore related weapons in it than LB did.
My vote goes to HLR.

KohopKapah: HLR; good composition, layout is good, font choice matches, the cuts on the renders are a little strange though.
LB; Interesting that you both dud the same match! text works, renders look good, effects are great also - My vote.
Great match!

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SUBJECT: Seth Rollins vs AJ Styles
STIP: Seth Rollins, after loosing the Intercontinental Championship, went after the Universal Championship and won it at Survivor Series. AJ Styles on the other hand, lost the title to Nakamura to win in back a month later, and continued to retain it. Since it was after Survivor Series season, both superstars were fighting with eachother on social media and on-screen appearances on who's the better champion. Then, at Clash of Champions, both Paige and Kurt Angle decided to put on a match between both of them, since the PPV would consist of both RAW and SDL superstars. Make a poster about the PPV, with both Seth and AJ holding the respective titles, use the Clash of Champions logo and any slogan, taglines, dates that you think you need.
SIZE: Anything vertical

Arselx: SkyHigh, clean piece, but I think is a little too simple to be honest. I've seen much better by you, the underground title work was better. I like the concept and the fontwork, but still. Rhyse, the font work at it's best, nice color scheme, like always, cool sharp and noise usage. I only don't like it being that dark on the bottom side, but still an awesome work. Also, where is the heavyweight title?  :cow Workoutf, I really like your work, but I'm not too keen on the logo, it doesn't go well with the black and white scheme you picked. Also the red and blue rectangles would've looked better if you bended them like the font, still a clutch work though. For me, it's a draw.

Norbi: I will go for WorkoutF.Even though Rhyse has an awesome work I really like and appreciate the fact that WorkoutF's presentation focuses on both the champions.

Ara: Workout: Ah. I was excited about your entry Ė your stuff is always so amazing. But I donít know, Iím a little bit disappointed. I mean, itís great. Yes. But you can do better. The stock of Seth is behing the font, why not put that on Seths main render shoulder? Would have fit better. Effects and blending are awesome, as usual. But compared to the other two entries, this here is a little letdown.
Skyhighrollins: That could be a poster directly made from WWE. Itís a perfect sample of how a poster for clash of champions should look. Simple, yet effective but with huge impact. I like it. Well done. That was a very tough decision.
Rhyse: As youíve said it Ė not your usual wrestling poster. Overall, itís magnificent. Nothing to complain.Iím a big fan of the effects youíve chosen. Good one  Congrats!
My vote goes to Rhyse

Kohop Kapah: Rhyse; as you said you tried something different and I do like it, you changed the logo to match and im glad you did it suits it better, You claim his title is there but I donít see it :cow overall a good piece though!
Workout; love this, the black and white works great the flexs of colour look great, i think you should have them both side by side rather than one in front of the other,
Sky-high; very professional, looks like it was made by the wwe themselves, no complaints.
My favourite however is WorkoutFís

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Thank you to everybody for your awesome entries, you all made it a succes. Congrats to everybody who won, and to those who lost, keep your head up, you performed amazingly.
Signature credit: SkyHighRollins

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