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[RESULTS] Breakdown #14
« on: April 15, 2018, 05:07:40 AM »

Norbi: Ara/SkyHighRollins won.

Arselx: I pick SkyHigh as the winner. Simple and clean piece, it was great. Ara was the only person close to it, I really like the work overall, except for the fonts, and also the light on the eyes must have more oppacity. Good effort by Kego, the render is ok but the background is blurred. Hoot can do a million times better in my opinion. I was impressed by Silky Slimer, a nice piece to be honest but not enough to win it.

Andrea: Some really nice entries this week but I have to go with Skyhigh.


Hoot vs. Kanzler vs. Kego vs. SilkySlimer

Norbi: SilkySlimer won.

Arselx: My winner is Silky Slimer. Love the concept, althrough it might need more effects. Kanzler, good job but I think you gave more attention to the flag than the renders, they should be bigger and the hue/saturation is too much. I like the font though. Kego, a nice piece I think, but Rusev is too dark. If you used the right effects and a bit better quality it might have been the winner. You're improving, keep up the work. Hoot, I like the render placement and the background, but the lights and outer glows and stuff were not needed at all. It just doesn't fit with that kind of background. I've seen better from you.

Andrea: Gotta go with SilkySlimer on this one. On creativity alone this is a great piece of work. It might be a little plain but I love it, its what Rusev day is all about! Kanzler not a bad entry its very trippy not a fan of the renders looking like they got cut off and the font is pretty plain but not bad. Hoot nice try! it looks pretty decent and clean but the renders may have taken too much space and not a lot going on here. Kego I see you improving aswell. But the quality is still lacking. I'm not a fan of the texture/pattern you used on this, it looks like it really hurt the piece. I do really like the layout though I can see what you were going for. If it was better execution I could have seen it winning.


GoldenPhoenix vs. Tynick

Norbi: TyNick98 won.

Arselx: My winner here is TyNick. Clean piece, good work on the background as well. The lighting mustn't be that dark (left side) and also I would've prefered that red gradient on the bottom to be black. It fits better and goes with the color scheme. I like the blurry font. GP I liked what you tried to do there, but somehow the quality is not good. I don't know what the problem is, but if the quality was better just like TyNick and maybe using some fonts your piece could be better. Hope you fix it in the future.

Andrea: TyNick. Not much to say but it is the much better quality entry. Nice and clean and I like the 'My Yard' text in the background. Not bad at all. GP I actually really like this piece. Nice creativity but once again the quality has taken away from it a lot. The logo is very pixelated same with the background. Not sure whats going on there. The render looks pretty good but over edited. But I see this piece as an improvement keep working.



Norbi: Derp Rollins won.

Arselx: Not sure which the winner is here to be honest. Both works have their ups and downs. I pick Derp as the winner because the concept fits more the bludgeon brothers characters. Dark, the forest, it just goes well with them. I don't like the font, also the renders need to be bigger and more in the center. I didn't get what that thing on the ground was but yeah, you win this one. Maciek, honestly I expected better. The color scheme doesn't fit at all, it looks more like a Rusev work. I like that light circle on them, the font is not bad too. However the background and the color scheme costed it to you.

Andrea: Derp Rollins wins this one for me. I like the background and think it fits perfectly with the renders. The text might be a little unfitting but overall a nice piece. MaciekHeel not a big fan of this piece. The colors are a little odd and I'm not a fan of the circles around the bludgeon brothers. The text is also a bit unfitting.


Lucas Black vs. Kohop & GoldenPhoenix
2 on 1 handicap match

Norbi: Lucas Black won.

Arselx: Lucas is the obvious winner by DQ, but I feel this needs feedback. A great and simple piece. Clean edit, the colorway and smoke, the particles, they all go well with eachother. The font also looks good on it. I think the WM logo would look better on the center but yeah.

Andrea: Lucas wins by default. But very nice piece by Luc of course. I know the topic was a little odd but I wanted to see what you could do and you exceeded my expectations of course! Awesome work.


Glinja vs. Havoc

Norbi: Havoc won.

Arselx: Havoc wins by DQ. The quality of the renders might be better if you sharpened them, but I don't blame you. The particles and stuff are goodm the smoke and colors too. The fonts would look better with less opacity or maybe using soft light on them. Also addapting the logo with the colorway would look much better, or maybe making the colorway purple to fit the logo I don't know.

Andrea: Havoc wins by default. Awesome entry though I love the effects and the color scheme awesome job.


Lucas Black vs. Ara vs. Arselx vs. HLR vs. Kohop Kapah vs. SkyhighRollins
Workoutf has suffered an injury and will likely miss Pixelmania... This match will be for the #1 contender for the World Heavyweight Championship @ PixelMania

Norbi: Lucas Black,Ara or SkyHighRollins won.

Arselx: Not going to judge this one, might the best win!

Andrea: Ohhhhh man this is hard. Amazing entries by everyone great job! Kohop very nice entry I love the text I think it fits well, just a very nice clean entry. Arselx very creative I can see the crazy amount of work that went into it. Same with HLR very nice entry I love the effects on Lashley. Lucas of course awesome entry everything fits really well. I'm actually not a big fan of the faded colors on this one though. Like I said everyone really brought their game face. But the 2 I prefer are Ara and Skyhighrollins. Ara I love this piece I think the colors are perfect and really fit the Bray render. I like the white eyes and the stroke effect on the render. Very nice job. Skyhigh another crazy good entry. I love the silhouette of Braun I think it was extremely creative and fits this perfectly. The picture of elias also fits perfectly I think this was a very smart piece. I love the smokey background and the effects it looks very pro. Awesome job. But heres the problem.... I can't decide between Skyhigh and Ara..... sooooooo.....



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