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PDG Talk: Ready 2 Rumble results / BreakDown 13
« on: March 19, 2018, 10:28:32 PM »

The screen fades in whith the PDG Talk logo buzzing. Chris Smith, Keitlyn Johnson and Jennifer Williams can be seen standig on their chairs and the lights of the studio getting turned on.

Keitlyn: Ladies and gentlemen welcome back to PDG Talk, we are live on TV. Today we'll talk about R2R and the official card of BreakDown 13. I'm on the studio joined by Chris Smith and Jennifer Williams. PDG Ready 2 Rumble was only a week ago and it was thrilling. Great matches, great atmosphere and a great show. What do you guys think?

Jennifer: It was amazing, I mean watching my pick, Workoutf winning the rumble was simply amazing. He truly deserves it and hopefully we will see him as a champion again. The rest of the card was amazing too, great performances by all. Sadly we had no title changes, a thing that we don't see often on these type of PPV's.

Chris: Yeah, congrats to Workoutf for having his match ensured at the main event of PixelMania. It didn't happen how I expected but it's all good. As you mentioned Jennifer, I was really upset about not seeing title changes, I mean SkyHigh got that win easily, WorkLB too, the only good match was between brother Rhyse and Ara. I was really hoping for Ara to win but things went the opposite way.

Keitlyn: Let's stop and talk about the Underground title. Everybody was expecting much more by the ex champion, Glinja. Surprisingly he got owned by SkyHigh, which was on top form. This feud has been interesting so far, great potential from both of them.

Chris: Totally agree there. Glinja wasn't on his best, unlike SkyHigh. Their feud has been such an amazing feud so far and I hope that Glinja get's another rematch for the title. He was one of the longest reining champions and I think he deserves a last title shot.

Jennifer: I disagree. The fans are tired of seeing the same two people fighting over and over for the same belt. It has been an amazing feud, but it all comes into an end. Let the other guys get their opportunity. The underdogs. That's why it's called the Underground title. An idea has been going on the internet about how it should work. If you defend the title succesfuly three times then you drop the title and get a guaranteed title shot for the Hardcore or Heavyweight title. So we can see different champions more often. Do you think it's a good idea?

Keitlyn: I mean yeah, that's a good idea, but don't you think you're getting somebody to loose the title just because he is good? And what if they refuse to show or loose on purpose?

Chris: There's no point on that. If the person doesn't show up one time, he gets a warning. If he doesn't show up two times in a row he get's the title ripped off him. And you have the chance to hold a better title instead, isn't that enough?

Keitlyn: We need to know that from the Andrea, let's not spread rumors. We got straight to the middle match without even talking about the opening match. What did you guys think about Arselx vs Kego?

Jennifer: Arselx proved a point, he is not playing games. Kego wasn't even a guy who had personal business with Arselx, he just wanted a match.

Chris: Don't be harsh Jennifer, Kego performed well and proved that he got potential. Don't put the guys morale down, he is new on the league and ready for challanges. Being brave is key in this industry.

(only half of it posted, will continue it later)
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