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Kidd Kash

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« on: October 17, 2019, 08:57:58 PM »
As a break from tradition, i figured why not go with something new for a name and recently was inspired by a friend for this one which reminded me of the WCW tag team of the same name (as well as one of Matt Hardy's alter egos). The next iPPV in line for PDG will be High Voltage on the 24th October!

Your task is to create a poster, banner & match graphic (instead of picbases)

The poster must include at least a minimum of 3 PDG Fighters!

Deadline - October 22nd!

The match graphic must be saved in PSD format as for me to be able to edit for the show

PDG League Results

Soul Rider

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« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2019, 12:02:26 PM »
Not sure if its still on, but what the hell, here is my entry:

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
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