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Signature of the Week / Re: [SOTW] #17 - Special guest referee
« Last post by Lucas Black on Today at 06:05:51 pm »
btw. You don't need to put Jax Teller's name on it. You can go with renders only sig
Signature of the Week / Re: [SOTW] #17 - Special guest referee
« Last post by HLR on Today at 03:01:41 pm »
Spam & Fun Zone / Re: I started Pro Wrestling Training!
« Last post by skyhighrollins on Today at 01:04:25 pm »
That is amazing! Go you!
Sounds like a legit wrestling school. It's always important to learn the small stuff first, even if it hurts like a bitch in the first weeks, but you'll get used to it. Just make sure to properly warm up before. Maybe in your free time work on your stamina too. Won't help you if you're out of breath after 1 minute.
I don't participate but I go to our local wrestling school every 2 weeks too to watch.

Keep us updated, would love to know how everything goes!
Spam & Fun Zone / I started Pro Wrestling Training!
« Last post by KohopKapah on Today at 11:16:29 am »
So I recently started pro wrestling training.

I was googling local schools and there was one 10 minute walk away from where I live! I'm not going to say the school for ya know .. digital privacy  :cow

So I've only done 2 weeks, and so far we've only covered basic back & front bumps (which hurt like a bitch tbh!) rope running (which hurts more than the bumps! Ive had a nice bruise across the back of my Shoulder blades for weeks!)
Shoulder rolls on both the left, right and both shoulders, and back rolls which I for some reason find particularly difficult -.-
We just recently started doing Irish whips, turnbuckle bumps and up and overs - where you get thrown into the turnbuckle, and jump and the person who Irish whips you goes under you?

It also requires a lot of neck strength and each week we work neck muscles, which is harder than it sounds, leaves you with a stiff neck for a day or two aha

Next week we're doing leaps and sleeps, the classic leapfrog spot where you leap frog and then hit the deck?

So far I'm really enjoying it, and I think if anyone out there is thinking about doing it, just go for it! Its so much fun, and I'd definitely regret it if I didn't do it!

I'm mainly doing it for a source of fitness, I don't know if I can ever see my self doing it for real, but we'll see!
Results & Comments / Re: PDG League Power Rankings
« Last post by KohopKapah on January 17, 2018, 10:24:32 pm »
HUUUUGE Developments since Breakdown 10 was added, for the first time in weeks, WorkoutF has been knocked off the top! By his own tag team partner!!
PDG Shows / Re: BreakDown #10
« Last post by Gherdez on January 17, 2018, 10:09:28 pm »
GoldenPhoenix and KohopKapah win their match.

Better layout and well performed idea, Arselx’s work is a bit too simple, not enough to reach his opponent’s one.

congrats everyone
Signature of the Week / Re: [SOTW] #17 - Special guest referee
« Last post by Ara on January 17, 2018, 09:39:11 pm »
Backstage / Re: PDG PROMOS
« Last post by Havoc on January 17, 2018, 05:01:55 pm »
HLR is seen walking exhaustedly following his defeat in the triple threat match. Someone from the front row in black hoodie jumped over the barricade and ran towards HLR. He punched him blindly from the back as the crowd is left shocked. The man drags HLR to the ring and removed his hoodie

"Wait is that?! ... HAVOC?!".

After revealing himself, Havoc eagerly waits for HLR to come back up. As HLR is now in a bended position, Havoc charges to the rope and...


He cracks his knuckles as he's standing tall above HLR.

"Guess who's back? That's right. I AM! I have been out for weeks, and I think I had enough time to come back better -
 REFORMED. Whoever the fuck is the new General Manager, I say you bring it on. KohopKapah? Arselx? GoldenPhoenix? Glinja? or even this moron HLR? I don't give zero fucks. I'm here to beat the shit out of everyone just like what I did to him."

He dropped the mic, smirked and left the ring. The screen then fades to black.
Results & Comments / [RESULTS] BreakDown #10
« Last post by KohopKapah on January 17, 2018, 04:13:16 pm »


SUBJECT: The upcoming star of 2018
WINNER: Greenwood (By Default)
COMMENTS: Greenwood was the only one to post this week, which is a bit disappointing, if you sign up you should get involved. Anyway, Greenwood, solid effort for your first piece, you said you didn't have much time, unfortunately that shows. At the bare minimum you should be using up to date renders, we have a whole gallery full of choices, this short hair version seems a little out of place for 2018. The effects used don't really match his gimmick as stated in the stip, and the whole piece is missing something. Again understandable that you didn't have time, we've all been there, and thank you for at least making an effort! Side note, try to host on either imgbox or deviantart as imgur has a habit of making your images loss quality on saving.


SUBJECT: A big returning in 2018
WINNER: Andrea
COMMENTS: A good effort from both! Overall I gave the win to Andrea because I felt there was a lot more going on, the effects used work well, the red colour pops and the blending of the Yes Lock in the background works well, I'm not overly keen on the '2018' text and feel it would have looked better either without it, or instead of the 'Yes'. However, overall it looks really professional and everything else works well.

Derp, interesting idea using a smaller piece, and I'm a massive fan of that tearaway technique, and have been using it myself recently, however, I feel there's too much empty white space on the image. Also just as a little nit pick the text should read 'He is coming back' not 'It's coming back' the fire effects are great, I just feel the empty space lets you down, Solid effort though! Don't be discouraged.


SUBJECT: Favourite match ever 2018 Remake
WINNER:KohopKapah & GoldenPheonix
COMMENTS:"Better layout and well performed idea, Arselx’s work is a bit too simple, not enough to reach his opponent’s one."


SUBJECT: Womens battleroyal at Royal Rumble PPV
COMMENTS: What a match, both contestants brought it, with solid pieces on both sides! Overall I gave the win to Raka as I believed his was more professional and more fitting for the royal rumble. The layout and composition suits the rumble, with the columns which featured last year. Also none of the women look oddly sized, the scaling is great. The little bits such as the copy right and the logo's are good - however, you really should be using the new raw logo! Its been over a year and a half since the brand split now. But overall great piece!

Ara, a solid effort on your part! And It was very close! I love the top half and the effects used on the women in general, however I think the text inside the logo lets you down, so do the smaller renders on either side, they should have been left out IMO. The wording however is spot on, the text from the logo should have been moved to the top. Also the colour scheme, I get the blue vs red and if this was to advertise a SvS match then you might have won, but I think Raka's use of the columns and the aesthesis of the Royal Rumble fit better. But do not be discourage! A great match up as per!


SUBJECT: Mixed Challange tournament winner
WINNER:And NEWWWWWWW PDG Underground Champion... SkyHighRollins!
COMMENTS: First off ... let me say this was my match of the week! What an effort from all three contestants and no one should be disheartened by the result. Glinja unlucky, like really unlucky, it was a very close match!

Lets start with HLR. Good composition, I like the use of faded renders and full ones in the middle, the colour scheme although a bit harsh does pop well. The logo fits nicely with the renders also. The top half is great. However, I do belive the font work let you down here unfortunately. I know first hand how hard fonts can be, and unfortunately you just picked the wrong font. Also the text at the bottom doesn't work either, I get that you used a grungy text to match the background, but I feel something a bit more crisp would have worked better.

Glinja. Unfortunate to lose here, the composition and stark contrast between the sheer size of Braun and Alexa is great, the piece works well and looks great, especially the fonts, and I really like the saturated MMC logo that's a nice touch. The background works well and fits the characters nicely, however it does come across as a bit lacklustre, its just missing that one little thing, I think it's hinted at with the burning building on the left, but something should match that on the right IMO. The effects on the renders where good, clean and crisp, like I said, a very close match and you where very unlucky! But I can't wait for the rematch!

SkyHigh. You've been on a storm since coming to PDG. Built up an impressive undefeated streak, and you're killing it over at SOTW - you had a little dip over Christmas (which is expected, its a tough time for everyone) and you come back with this piece which is near perfect. Its fits the characters of the Glorious Robes perfectly, the colour scheme is great. As I said about HLR's piece, I really like it when there's faded renders at the top and solid ones in the middle, (and im really jealous of how you, and HLR both pulled it off great, when I try its awful). The symmetry of getting the two robes from behind, and then the up close of the face is great, the smoky clouds look great the red carpet and subtle blue vs. red tones. A great piece and deserving of your first championship victory. Keep up the good work, and as I said I can't wait to see SHR vs Glinja!



SUBJECT: The Club is back
COMMENTS: What a main event! Arselx sure did write a good show here, with it building up with that amazing triple threat for the underground championship and now this interesting stipulation of Champion vs. Challengers which also pits the Tag Team Champions Against each other, what a great story that's developing here, and what a match! Of course it would be a match, the top two stars in PDG right now, a HOF/Legend/Icon and a former top star making a defiant comeback, nothing but pure gold in this match! Its a real shame G couldn't compete this week. Choosing a winner was hard, however I gave it to Rhyse & LB.

I'll go through my thoughts on WorkoutF's piece first though. The emanating light behind balor is a great effect, and the flag is a nice touch. I love the GB too sweeting above Balors head at the top, but I feel like they're not prominent enough, this comes across as more of a Fin Balor piece than a Balor Club piece, if you get me? I feel going 2 on 1 did put you at a disadvantage as I think G could have really added that something else to this piece. But it was still a great effort on your part. The text works great and looks like a movie poster as you can tell I'm a fan of clean crisp fonts, and these fonts look the part. Unfortunately I think using the bullet club logo is a big oversight, I know that's who they where originally - but its the little things that make it professional that clinched it here. But as always, a great piece!

Rhyse x LB - first thoughts when I seen your post where that I wish it was a wallpaper size as I'd definitely use it on my laptop! The colour scheme works great, nothing too overpowering, but at the same time nothing too dark. The Japanese characters in the background a nice addition, and the Balor club logo is great. Suits them perfectly, could easily see that on a T-Shirt. The glow on the 'BC' on Fins jacket is great, and good use of light emanating effects also (Can tell the tag team champions where involved on either side so clear similarities - great minds and all that) Again the use of the GB too sweet'ing above Balor is a great visual and as previously stated, I'm a massive fan of the faded renders at the top half. I also like how you have equally showcased GallAnderson and Balor. Last little thing however, I am not a big fan of the glowing eyes as I find it cheesy, however overall, your piece was great.
A good story, and a great match! Its a shame G couldn't compete, and ultimately I think that's what cost Workout, was having that disadvantage.

Hope I didn't mess this up, too badly, I tried to be fair across the board with everyone, and justify my reasoning's as best as I could, we had some cracking matches this week.
My BOTW Award does go to SkyHighRollins though! so congrats!
Results & Comments / Re: PDG League Power Rankings
« Last post by KohopKapah on January 16, 2018, 09:36:19 pm »
Updated with Christmas Chaos Results
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