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Title: [SOTW] How it works
Post by: KohopKapah on October 23, 2017, 05:50:51 PM
So it never really occurred to me to explain the rules...

So for the benefit (Of those with flash photography) who are new around here and don't know the rules.

Each week I will provide a topic, it will either be a set focus with strict rules;
For example

Others may ask for specific elements for example

For these type of contents, only one entry per person is allowed.

Other weeks may have more open ended stipulations for example

For these entries a maximum of 2 per person is allowed, as long as they feature a different focus,
For example, you could make one post about the Rene Young and another with Corey Graves

You will have a week (Sunday - Sunday) to produce your piece, meeting the criteria, then the community will decide the winner!

Throughout the competition, you will earn points.

You will get 1 Point for competing,
3 Points if you signature is voted the best
and 1 additional point per vote

If you have any questions just ask either here, or PM me, the community is great and will help out where possible!